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The former fishing village of Dysart is a conservation area, ensuring the picturesque harbour and the charming properties along the seafront are preserved and protected for future generations. In the meantime, Dysart harbour’s regular film and television appearances are ensuring people all over the world enjoy this charming fishing village’s photogenic qualities.

A popular stop-off point along the Fife Coastal Path, the best way to explore Dysart is on foot. Follow the Sailor’s Walk from the village centre to the outer end of Dysart Harbour, before heading to Pan Ha’ and its white-walled, red-roofed houses. These 16th and 17th century fishermen’s houses were built on the stretch of land where seawater used to be evaporated in pans to make salt, an industry which led to Dysart being known as ‘Saut Burgh’.

Nearby St Serf’s Tower was once the bell tower for the now-ruined church alongside. However, the still-imposing 16th century structure had another function. Climb the 103 steps to the top of St Serf’s Tower and you’ll spot the fireplace which kept Dysart’s lookouts warm in the 1540s as they scanned the horizon for invading English ships.

Remember to pop into the Harbourmaster’s House, headquarters of Fife Countryside Trust. As well as an excellent bistro, the Harbourmaster’s House offers an interactive tour of Dysart, stunning views – and award-winning toilets.

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